Personalized Construction Solutions for Your Needs

Since our inception in 1995, we have witnessed the onset and offset of four decades, and with that, we collected expertise, knowledge, and experience. Using exactly that, we have developed a niche in various services. Here's an overview of the same:

BAI Construction
Seismic Retrofit Services

At BAI Construction, we offer comprehensive seismic retrofit services. Our team of certified welders and experienced professionals are well-equipped to provide this specialized service.

Soft-Story Retrofit

Our soft-story retrofit service is designed to add strength and stability to your building. Our certified welders will add the necessary reinforcements to make your building safe and secure.

BAI Construction
BAI Construction
New Construction

At BAI Construction, we also specialize in new construction projects. From initial planning to the final build, we provide a comprehensive service that caters to all your construction needs.

Tenant Improvements

We offer tenant improvement services to help you customize your space to your specific needs. Whether you're a property owner looking to enhance the value of your property or a business looking to improve your workspace, we can help.

BAI Construction
BAI Construction
Structural Steel Fabrication

Our team of certified welders and construction experts also specializes in structural steel fabrication. This service provides robust and durable support for any building, further enhancing its safety and longevity.

Custom Services Catering to Essential Requirements

Design/Build Construction

BAI Constructions excels in Design/Build Construction, seamlessly integrating design and construction for efficient and precise project execution.


Explore durable and versatile Shotcrete/Gunite solutions with BAI Constructions, where our expert team applies high-quality concrete with cutting-edge efficiency.

ADA/ABE Upgrade

Prioritize accessibility with BAI Constructions' meticulous ADA/ABE upgrades, creating universally welcoming spaces beyond mere compliance.

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

Unlock property potential with BAI Constructions' ADU expertise, seamlessly navigating the complexities from design to construction.

Retaining Walls

Enhance stability and aesthetics with BAI Constructions' Retaining Walls, where our engineers create resilient and visually appealing solutions.

BAI Construction

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